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по неподтвержденным данным NOFX в августе будут в Питере... есть у кого какая инфа..? по моему - пиздеж..
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get a punk band on warped tour

Just like every other band in the country right now...mine is looking for votes on our Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands page to get on warped tour.

If you're into fast skate punk type stuff like NOFX, Strung Out, Bigwig, Propagandhi, MxPx...etc then you can check out our shit at www.myspace.com/thedownandoutsri and if you like it then you can click the banner below to give us a vote.

If you choose to vote then don't forget to check your email for the confirmation message so you can confirm your vote.

Even if you didn't listen and you've got 3 spare minnutes...PLEASE just give us a vote. This would be huge for us. Thanks.

PS...I'm cross-posting this so if this isnt allowed in whatever community this is being read in then please delete it.

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I just joined this community about two minutes ago. I'd just like to say the new NOFX album (Wolves In Wolves Clothing) is facking shweet! Go pick it up if you haven't.
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